Vanoise Nationalpark Termignon

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Vanoise Nationalpark Termignon

Termignon Vanoise Nationalpark

Betyg 5
Sommaren 2005 var vi och vandrade i Vanoise Nationalpark.

Vi köpte en karta över hela parken och åkte runt från Tignes och hit.

Vi tog in på campingen i Termignon då vi behövde duscha. Detta var huvudporten in i Vanoise Nationalpark och om man ska hit måste man till Termignon.
Vi startade vid parkeringen Bellecombe och gick rätt in i parken.

Tillbaka tog vi bussen tillbaka till Bellecombe. Länk nedan till bussen och tidtabell:


Bellecombe, the gateway to the Vanoise National Park, is without a doubt one of the most beautiful panoramas in the Alps!

Bellecombe, an enchanting plateau in the heart of the Vanoise National Park, is surrounded by the highest and most beautiful peaks of the entire massif: La Grande Casse, 3,855m, La Dent Parrachée, 3,697m, La Grande Motte 3,653m, the domes of the Arpont 3,601m and Chasseforêt 3,586m, the Grand Roc Noir, 3,582m and so on.

With a 360° view and the help of the viewpoint indicator located next to the Plan du Lac refuge, you will not be beaten when it comes to recognising the wonders of this wilderness that has been protected since 1963.

Bellecombe is a starting point for many Vanoise hikes, with trails in the valleys that lead to the passes and refuges: Entre-Deux-Eaux Valley, Leisse Valley, Rocheure Valley, Vanoise Pass, Femma refuge, Arpont refuge, Plan du Lac refuge, Leisse refuge, Entre-Deux-Eaux refuge, Lac Blanc refuge, etc.